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You Can Have Your Own Accountant Paid By NDIS

Plan Management Costs You Nothing; It Gets Added To Your Plan (Improved Life Choices)

Plan Management is a financial administration service available to National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants. The service assists participants through financial management of their claims and payments for disability supports.

All eligible NDIS participants are entitled to receive Plan Management within an NDIS plan, and the service is a funded support.

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Plan management is a type of disability service funded through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). The overarching function of plan management is to assist and support NDIS participants to manage their NDIS plan funding.

Plan manager can support participants by:

  • Managing and monitoring a participant’s budget
  • Managing a participant’s NDIS claims and disbursing funds to providers for services delivered
  • Providing regular statements to a participant to show the financial status of their plan including prompt notification of over or under utilization
  • Offering increased choice and control to a participant over plan implementation and utilization.

Participants can also receive advice from J&J Plan Managers about how to best utilize their NDIS plan funding which can assist in building a participant’s financial capacity and knowledge.

We provide the participants with a mobile application with which they can monitor everything happening with their NDIS fund.

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With your consent, we give direct access to your support coordinators to our software which makes your support coordination much more manageable and effective.

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Supporting You In Prioritizing Your Goals/Tasks

As an NDIS approved service provider, J & J Plan Managers give you more power over the way you work towards your goals. Managing an NDIS plan can be stressful and confusing. Our dedicated and friendly team is your ally in your journey, offering you flexible support.

It is our mission to assist you with individualized plan management in a meaningful and transparent way so that the complexities and ongoing responsibilities of being an NDIS participant don’t hinder you from living your best life. By choosing to be engaged with J & J, you gain access to technology and a wide range of options that will help you implement your goals.


Financial Manage Of A Participant's NDIS Plan

A plan manager is responsible for the financial management of a participant’s NDIS Plan. This involves receiving and storing invoices from Participants and the Service Providers that they work with. Our Plan Managers will make payment requests through the NDIS Portal and then make payments to the Participant’s Service Providers accordingly. They will also support our participants and guide them to use their NDIS funding in the best possible way to achieve their goals and outcomes.


Referred As CB Choice And Control

There is no cost for NDIS Participants who choose to engage a Plan Manager. If you would like to have a Plan Manager manage some or all of the funding in your NDIS Plan, your NDIS Plan will have an additional support category called Improved Life Choices (this budget is sometimes referred as CB Choice and Control).