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J&J Plan Managers ensure to process your payments promptly.

Our usual invoice processing time is 5 to 10 business days, but we are constantly trying our best to process your invoice within 3 business days. A delay in processing the invoice would be usually due to incorrect or missing information or due to client / representative’s delayed approval.

To fast tracking your invoice payment your Invoices should contain all the below:

  • provider’s NDIS business name
  • provider’s ABN
  • Provider’s contact details and bank details
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date – Invoice date must be after the service date *
  • participant’s name and NDIS number
  • support item number – listed in the NDIS Support Catalogue *
  • amount and quantity claimed for each unit of the support provided – for example, $51.09 each x 2 units
  • date/s the support was delivered
  • total invoice amount
  • GST component if applicable (most services are GST free).


An invoice can only be for one participant, but can include multiple supports

Please email your invoices directly to info@jjplanmanagers.com.au, will ensure a speedy response time on your invoices being received and processed.

Please CLICK the link for Invoice template

  • It is recommended that service providers send us the scanned copy of the signed service agreement from the participant. If this service agreement specifies the total budget allocated for the for the service provider, then we can allocate that specific funding amount for the service provider during the plan period. This allows us to monitor participant’s spending against their plan effectively and assist with budgeting.