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J&J Plan Managers is an NDIS approved plan management company with all required compliances in place to ensure everything is in accordance with the NDIS regulations.

“We are currently accepting referrals, and there is no waiting period for any service bookings.”

By having J&J Plan Managers as one of your preferred NDIS plan management companies, you can be sure that we have the skills and expertise to assist your clients in getting the most out of their NDIS plan.  J&J Plan Managers is a family-owned business that provides a person-centred approach to all our clients and ensures that we process all the payments within 3 business days, if there is no discrepancies. We are happy to work with participants and service providers to fast track the processing period in urgent needs.

We offer a great deal of flexibility and quick response to all enquiries of our clients and are happy to provide any answers concerning NDIS funding needs. In addition, we provide the option for all our clients to have real-time access to our NDIS software if they prefer to do so.

For Support Coordinators, we offer real-time access to our NDIS software to monitor the funding details, expenses, and provider details from anywhere at any time which will be a great help to prepare the NDIS reports.

You may budget the NDIS fund for the participant and advise us the allocation:


    Fund allocation for Service provider

    If you prefer to upload service agreement, please upload using the
    drag and drop option and label each file